Help us bring this 20c icon into the 21c with more digital access (and more of your Instagram-worthy shots!)

Last year, with your help, we completed a magnificent restoration of the Lower Terrace at the Edith Farnsworth House.  This year, we’re asking for your help to strengthen digital access and engagement!


Your social media posts help promote Farnsworth and we know you want a reliable signal when you visit.  We also want to make exhibition guides, self-guided and virtual reality tours, virtual lectures, and other digital content available to you – but we need more bandwidth and network connectivity!

Even before the unprecedented events of the past few years, the Internet has been to be one of our best tools to share the Edith Farnsworth House worldwide. We need your help to do that—not just by sharing our content, but by helping us create it. A more secure Wi-Fi signal will help us do just that.

DONATE NOW to make the Edith Farnsworth House Historic Site more accessible, educational, and memorable for visitors of all ages!

All donors of $100 and up will receive our brand new “Every Line is a Decision” mug with our exhibition logo on one side and the new Edith Farnsworth House logo on the opposite side.  Be among the first to enjoy a cuppa in the latest Farnsworth mug!