Farnsworth House has been extensively documented and studied. This gallery collects a small sampling of documentation pertinent to the Flood Mitigation Project.


Silman Report: Barrier Wall (Option E)

Silman was retained by the National Trust to conduct a preliminary study (download here, PDF) of schemes that would rely on the construction of a sub-grade barrier system around the Farnsworth House that would be [...]


Silman Report: Buoyant Foundation (Option D)

Silman was retained by the National Trust to conduct a preliminary study (download here, PDF) of a scheme that would rely on natural buoyancy to lift the Farnsworth House above flood waters during a flooding [...]


Thornton Tomasetti – Feasibility Study

Thornton Tomasetti completed a preliminary feasibility study (download here, PDF) on ways to alleviate the threat to the house from flooding. The report documents the existing design loads, analyzes the existing connections and initiates a [...]


Wright Water Engineers – Hydrology & Flood Risk

Wright Water Engineers conducted a study to assess the hydrology and flood risks of the house and surrounding lands. Their report (download here, PDF) confirmed that peak discharges and the frequency of flood events have [...]


Silman Report

Robert Silman Associates (RSA) prepared an in-depth analysis of the three best scenarios for permanent flood mitigation based on the preliminary study provided by Thorton Tomasetti and the recommendations of the Technical Advisory Panel.


Aerial views of the site

Side-by-side these two views of the area close to Farnsworth House show a changing landscape. At left the 1939 view shows an agricultural landscape. By 2009 much more of the area is forested and the [...]


Farnworth House Floodway Map

This map shows the location of Farnsworth House relative to the Fox River in flood stage. It also shows the line for "100 year floods"