The Edith Farnsworth House is excited to host DAVID WALLACE HASKINS: LANDSCAPE + LIGHT, an ongoing exhibition by our current artist-in-residence that began in November 2021 and continues through Spring 2023.

The exhibition opening celebration is Sunday, September 25, 3-5pm and will premiere the following new works by Haskins:

Image Continuous a new work from his Skycube series made from pyrolitic coated skyscraper glass, (1 ton or 75 linear feet, half the glass used to glaze Edith’s house) that allows visitors to experience themselves moving through the landscape as it enwraps the sky.

The Memory of Glass– a new architectural intervention in the house that transforms its 12 large glass walls into resonating planes of sound that can be heard inside and out, creating an immersive sound-field comprised of the actual soundscape that has filled the house and surrounding landscape for the past 70 years—further blurring the line between indoors and outdoors, and merging the past with the present.

Stone Landing– a new installation comprised of a large meditative monolith from Haskins’ new Stone Kōan sculpture series, made from the original travertine that covered the lower terrace of the house from 1951-2021. (see note below). The sculpture is situated in a newly cleared opening in the woods and frames the most scenic views on the property of the fox river. Haskins has also built a new bench for this location and activated it with two hand-tuned 8-foot bass wind chimes that hang in the trees to the east and west of the bench creating a stereo field of swirling harmonies.

Note: Last year the travertine stone which Mies personally selected for the house’s lower terrace, had to be removed and replaced due to severe ice damage. This enabled Haskins to use this original stone, which was part of the house for over 70 years, to create a new sculpture series—a number of which will be on view and for sale in the visitor center to help support future renovations of the house.

For more details please enjoy the exhibition overview below:

Image Continuous

Image Continuous in different seasons

Stone Landing

Stone Kōan

Stone Kōan Guide 4.0

Now available for purchase!


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