INsite by Luftwerk was an art exhibition in October 2014 that transformed the Farnsworth House into a canvas of light and sound, featuring original music by percussionist Owen Clayton Condon and curated by Steve Dietz, President and Artistic Director of Northern Visitors were invited during the exhibit to see the site in a unique setting after sunset and experience INsite from both the exterior and interior of the house.

About Luftwerk

Luftwerk combines the visual elements of light with the sculptural facets of architecture and design and invites viewers to be spectators as well as participants. Their work illuminates the realm of special events, live performance, gallery and public venue, in locations as diverse as MASS MoCA, JFK Airport, Emirates Palace, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and Robie House.

About Northern Lights

Northern is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to artists working innovatively in the public sphere, exploring expanded possibilities for civic engagement and encourage pluralistic community.