Infants and Children Policy:

Infants in carriers are free, all children over infant stage must have a purchased ticket for interior, guided tours. Because our interior, guided tours are not geared toward children, we do not currently have a children’s discount in our pricing.

Exterior view and grounds access is discounted ($5) for children ages 2-12.

All children must be under the control of their parents throughout the tour. If children are disrupting the tour, the parents will be asked to separate them from the rest of the tour group. It has been our experience that young children do not typically enjoy the tour as it involves standing quietly and listening to the docent for approximately 45 minutes. We will ask that you pay special attention to your child on the decks to assure they do not fall and on the interior to assure they abide by the museum rules.

Strollers are discouraged on tours. Strollers are not allowed off the designated paths or on the steps/interior of the house.